ABOUT THE STORY Inspired by such films as BONNIE AND CLYDE, PULP FICTION and BUTCH CASSIDY, All Villain Comics is the inaugural feature presentation from a new comic book series of stories told completely from the villain’s own point of view and personal experience.

This first, prototype story is set in a near future where our “given” is that back in the 2040’s there was an era of costumed villains who popped up and ran wild for seven or eight years. The story is told in flashbacks as a young journalist interviews the now 66-year-old former super-criminal, JIMMY COREY, (TENNESSEE THINDERBIRD) at a comic convention in Van Nuys. While Jimmy was apprehended decades ago and has served 20 years, a mystery still remains as to what ever happened to his partner THE YELLOW RIDER.

The young interview is intrigued by the question that Jimmy has refused to answer all these years and is determined to get it out of him.

“Some say THE YELLOW RIDER quit the crime game and is living in the Philippines… Some say the Government had him killed? Or hired him to kill for them, and gave him a new identity? Then some say you killed him…”

Corey flips out and skips the question, telling the kid to go on to the next. But that is the last question. So, drunk and nostalgic, Corey tells the kid to shut off the recorder and get ready for the whole story.

Corey then tells the story of their big last caper, a crime of monumental proportions that left over 120 people dead and a large section of downtown Los Angeles devastated. He takes you inside the world of drug-fueled super-crimes, criminal safe houses, underground nightclubs, gang warfare, William Friedkin quality car chases, hi-tech crime gear, gratuitous sex and the biggest undiscovered American mystery since who killed JFK.

ALL VILLAIN COMICS was published by Dark Horse comics under the Mysterymen Universe in 1999 and later as a revised version (2008) by Bob Burden Productions, and also exists as a screenplay.